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Power Animal Products are Made in the USA
Power Animal Products are Made in the USA

Active Nutrition™

Run Two Three provides energy for healthy activity so you can celebrate life’s most important moments together for years to come. We achieve this through locking in nutrients normally lost during cooking.

Locks in the good stuff

Run Two Three’s 48-Hour, slow Freezelock Raw™ freeze-drying process locks in the essential nutrients and flavors of fresh, raw ingredients.

Locks in essential nutrients

Unlike otherfreeze-drying processes, POWER Animal's 48-Hour, slow Freezelock™freeze-drying process locks in essential nutrients without cooking thefresh RAW food.

More energy for your dog
This allows your dog to easily absorb more nutrients compared to standard cooked kibble.

On-the-go raw

Freeze-drying is safe and convenient to store, no refrigeration necessary.

Convenient to store

Freeze-drying is safe andconvenient to store, no refrigeration necessary and maintains thenutritional and structural integrity of the food and

Safety first

RAW food safety is our first priority. Our processes include high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to safely remove pathogens and bacteria with pressures they can’t withstand.

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